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Brunswick Mesmerize

Brunswick Mesmerize

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The Brunswick Mesmerize and Vaporize were developed together to enhance each other and bring fresh technology and exceptional performance to the Brunswick lineup. These two new Brunswick balls set a new standard for performance on both ends of the spectrum.

“One of our ball testers described it as the most hooking ball they’ve ever thrown,” remarked during the initial review. The primary aim while creating Mesmerize was to achieve maximum hook potential while remaining effective and user-friendly. We are thrilled for bowlers to experience this innovative ball motion phase from Brunswick. Mesmerize boasts a distinctive four-color look, an appealing two-color logo, a new Tri-Elliptic core wrapped with DynamiCore2, and HK22 with Cohesion and Evo Solid enhancements.

The Tri-Elliptic core is an exciting new D.O.T. design with strategically removed mass around the core body to anticipate drilling hole placement, ensuring optimal performance and numbers. With a medium RG of 2.51, a high Differential of 0.056, and an Intermediate Differential of 0.017, this design is complemented by the addition of DynamiCore2, known from the Quantum series, which enhances hitting power and durability.

The Cohesion additive, previously featured in only one ball, delivered exceptional results. Mesmerize, a sanded version integrating Cohesion with Evo series additives, showcases the HK22C-Evo Solid cover, renowned for its exceptional strength in handling various oil volumes.

Vaporize took a unique path during development, leveraging the Cohesion additive to deliver dynamic, glossy performance without introducing a new core design. The HK22 in combination with Cohesion and Evo Pearl Additives enhances the shiny ball performance, setting new benchmarks.

The core design remains a fan favorite, showcasing a perfect match with the new super-cover. The Zone Asymmetric core from the Vapor Zone and other distinguished Brunswick balls offered the ideal attributes to complement the new cover, resulting in enhanced hook potential down the lane and preserving energy for remarkable recovery and motion.

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  • Coverstock: Solid Reactive Resin
  • Core: Asymmetric
  • Surface Finish: 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
  • RG: 2.51
  • Differential: 0.056